Interpreting Services

Bridge Builders

An international group of freelance interpreters.

The international group of freelance interpreters Leilani and John work with are professionals in the field, many of whom hold degrees in Interpretation and are court-certified. All Bridges2Spanish freelancers have remarkable résumés and credentials.


The freelance team includes trained and proficient translators who follow the highest standards in the industry.


These language specialists share common features: they are adaptable, skilled, problem-solvers, and are reliable. As a team of professional freelancers, Bridges2Spanish delivers world-class, efficient and client-centered language services.

We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service.

Conference Interpretation

Conference interpretation presented in simultaneous mode enables delivery efficiency and provides time savings. Done in nearly real time, it allows for a most homogeneous audience experience and a greater participation.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

In Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) every party in a meeting can virtually access events from anywhere in the world.

Document Translation

During the execution of a translation project, coordination and preparation with clients for guidelines and feedback is crucial for optimal results.



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