Bridges Builders

Bridge Builders

Leilani Padilla-Young Conference Interpreter

Leilani has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Conference Interpretation. She obtained her New Mexico Court Interpreter Certification in 2015. During her 22-year career, Leilani has interpreted for the following personalities: U.N Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon; Mexican President Vicente Fox; N.M. Congresswoman Deb Haaland, New Mexico Governor Michelle Luján Grisham, to name a few. Between 2008 and 2013, Leilani interpreted the State of the Union speeches by U.S Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama for Azteca-America on live TV. Leilani has provided interpreting services for: the U.S Embassy in Mexico, United Nations, District Courts throughout New Mexico, Caterpillar, Procter and Gamble, among others.

John Young, Proofreader, Localizer, Instructor

John has an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts. After a 20-year career in law enforcement, John moved on to work with the United Nations in the former Yugoslavia. John has pursued professional creative writing studies and has authored articles for small publications. He is the chief proofreader and localizer for English at Bridges2Spanish. John and Leilani have been collaborating in translation projects for the last 8 years. John is currently working on a book project. In 2003, John became a founding member of the non-profit organization seeking awareness for Lewy Body dementia, for which he served as a Board Member for 6 years and as Board President for 2 years. John also worked as an instructor with the State Department in Mexico as part of the Merida Project.

The Team

The international group of freelance interpreters Leilani and John work with are professionals in the field, many of whom hold degrees in Interpretation and are court-certified. All Bridges2Spanish freelancers have remarkable résumés and credentials.


The freelance team includes trained and proficient translators who follow the highest standards in the industry.


These language specialists share common features: they are adaptable, skilled, problem-solvers, and are reliable. As a team of professional freelancers, Bridges2Spanish delivers world-class, efficient and client-centered language services.

Our Mission

Assisting clients with productive bilingual interactions, while bringing people together through Spanish and English in a proficient, socially responsible and meaningful manner.

Our Vision

Inspiring through excellence and raising standards in the fields of professional Spanish interpretation and translation.