Equipment and platforms

Equipment and Platforms

Remote Simultaneous interpretation Platforms and Equipment Rental

RSI Platforms Rental

A substitute for simultaneous equipment rental, RSI Platforms are used for virtual

conference interpreting. We include third party-platform rental in our packages. Bridges2Spanishprovides its clients with continuous assistance and support.

Do you know you can use your cellphone as a receiver during a simultaneously interpreted event? We keep up with technical breakthroughs on a regular basis.

Equipment Rental

A traditional simultaneous interpretation equipment rental approach for in-person, on-site conference interpreting. Our simultaneous interpreting equipment is sanitized and tested prior to each event.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation platforms and equipment features:

  • Great sound HD quality and minimized static.
  • Reliable technology.
  • Technical assistance for optimal delivery.
  • Multiple language channels.
  • Easy to use.

Benefits reported by our clients after using a simultaneous interpreting platform or equipment:

  • Time and money savings.
  • Message delivery continuity.
  • Fewer audience distractions.
  • Dynamic Q & A sessions.
  • Greater audience participation.