Conference Interpretation


Conference interpretation presented in simultaneous mode enables delivery efficiency and provides time savings. Done in nearly real time, it allows for a most homogeneous audience experience and a greater participation.

As language specialists in conference interpretation, we are trained to identify linguistic subtleties and complexities on the spot, thus avoiding mistakes that might lead to miscommunication and confusion.

Your message is key to our service. Prior to events, we dedicate special attention to topic-specific research and study to be optimally prepared for every job.

Areas of expertise:

  • International and local events, import and export negotiations, global government meetings, law enforcement, certified in-court interpretation and legal proceedings, education, medical services, worker compensation claims, and more.

Meeting formats:

  • Conferences, seminars, training courses, in-court proceedings, sworn depositions, press conferences, Live TV events, and more.

We are excited to announce we have included Remote Simultaneous Interpreting to our services to better serve a changing world!

At Bridges2Spanish we strive to deliver an accurate, complete; top-notch service.